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Kim Kardashian + Mario Dedivanovic Create The Only Eyeshadow Palette You'll Ever Need

The Artist and Muse collection is everything we hoped for and more.
PHOTO: instagram/kkwbeauty

If you've ever wondered what eyeshadow palette legendary makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, would take on a desert island, wonder no more because his latest collection with Kim Kardashian contains exactly that.

Kim and Mario released their first collection together in April 2018 and now, over a year later, the iconic duo are teaming up again for the KKW x Mario: Artist and Muse collection.

Not only does the collection contain the most wearable yet innovative palette we've seen in a long time, but it also contains the nude lipstick you've legitimately tried (and failed) to recreate your entire life.

Announcing their second collaboration, Mario said: "This collection means the world to me. As I approached my 19th year as a makeup artist, I made a decision to solely devote my time & energy to projects that are 100 percent meaningful to me."

"For the past 11+ years, Kim has not only been a muse to me, she’s been a source of inspiration to an entire generation of beauty lovers around the world. She’s opened doors and provided opportunities for me and for makeup artists in general that I know have changed this industry forever."

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"With this collection and campaign (which consists of some of my all-time favorite shades and textures) I wanted to personally honor her and to thank her on behalf of every boy and girl out there whose life she’s touched in some way. She is my muse and she is our muse. ♥ I hope I make you all proud."

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We're not crying, you are.

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The 10-pan eyeshadow palette contains a mixture of cool and warm-toned mattes and shimmers that range from neutral brown, to metallic teal. Sharing swatches on 4 different skin tones Mario explained:

"I wanted Kim to love and be proud of this palette. I kept changing it—adding and removing shades & textures, testing them on her and on different skin tones, seeing if they all blended together and if they melted into one another on the eyes. It had to work beautifully as a story, and it had to be perfect for both of us."

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"I felt when it was finally right, and the second I showed Kim, I knew she loved it. This is pretty much the palette I would take on a deserted island with Kim, confidently knowing that I could do lots of different looks from day to night and I could mix and blend several shades to adjust the warmth and depth."

As well as the Artist and Muse palette, the collection contains He's a Mixer lipstick, which Kim explains was inspired by Mario. “He uses his hand as a palette to customize my perfect shade of pencil, lipstick, and gloss—he’s a mixer.”

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We may never be able to employ Mario as our full-time makeup artist, but at least we can now invest in his tools.

The KKW x Mario: Artist and Muse collection launches on November 22 in at 8 p.m. UK time (November 23, 4 a.m. in Manila).


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