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We Are Living For Kyline Alcantara's ~Sunset~ Eye Makeup

PHOTO: Instagram/rodolfositchon

Last year, makeup artist Luna Fortun went viral for her literal version of the sunset eyeshadow trend. Check out her masterpiece below:

Now it looks like our girl, Kyline Alcantara, is reviving the trend in a more low-key and wearable way! Which, tbh, isn't surprising since she's all about playing with bold hues and experimenting with her makeup.


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So how did she make the Instagram makeup trend work for real life? Simple: Her makeup artist, Rodolfo Sitchon, applied a shimmery gold eyeshadow on her eyelids and lower lash line to give off a warm + smoky effect. As for her tear ducts, instead of putting a champagne color, he used a hot pink shade and blended it inwards to mix with the gold. By expertly blending the two shades together, it resulted in a softer, prettier finish—one that's definitely easy to recreate at home! ;)

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