Gabs Gibbs' Makeup Transformation Is The Answer To Shady Boyfriends

Going undercover is apparently the way to go.
PHOTO: Instagram/gabbsgibs

Unfortunately, not every guy can be as textbook-perfect as Captain Yoo Shi Jin from Descendants of the Sun (and even he had a few shortcomings). Tbh, most of us have to cast a beady eye on our boyfriends, juuust to make sure they’re not up to no good. We know we’re not the only ones who've sneakily looked through their phones, or are extra suspicious when they make paalam for yet another BNO! Seriously, the struggles of dating in this day and age! Or… being a praning girlfriend?

Needless to say, we definitely LOL’d after seeing this uh-mazing makeup tutorial by Gabs Gibbs! The social media star/budding makeup artist—and yes, daughter of singer Janno Gibbs and actress Bing Loyzaga—created a look around this theme: “When your man goes out with the boys but you don't trust his ass. So you have to go undercover.” Uhh, relate much, CGs?

Watch the video below, and see Gabs transform into a bearded, bespectacled cutie we’d totes crush on. (Too bad he’s not real, haha!)

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Now for the all-important question: Would you actually make yourself up to look like a guy, *just* to stalk your BF?

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