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7 Monochromatic Makeup Looks You Can Easily Achieve Using 1 Lipstick

Go ahead and leave your makeup bag at home!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/martine; (right) instagram/antheabueno

Who needs a heavy makeup bag when you can whip up a full look with just a handful of products? One lipstick alone can give you a quick, fresh face that can put your usual 10-product routine to shame. Of course, you can still go back to your usual regimen whenever you please—but for those times when you, well, don't have the time, here are some makeup ideas and tips that only require a single lip color:

  1. When using lipstick on your lips and cheeks, go for a matte formula so you won't have to worry about it sliding off and feeling sticky after a few hours. It gives an effortlessly matte finish, too!

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  2. To achieve a fresh, sun-kissed look sans the bronzer, use a dusty rose hue to give a warm wash of color on your eyes and cheeks.

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  3. Skipping contour? Apply your blush higher than usual to subtly enhance your cheekbones. To keep everything looking effortless, match it with a blurred lip using the same color.

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  4. A full-on monochrome moment is *key* to achieving a polished face in under 10 minutes. 

  5. Monochromatic looks aren't just for muted hues. You can maximize this technique with a berry-toned lippie as well, as shown perfectly in this drunk blush lewk by Andrea Brillantes.

  6. A red lip looks less stark when paired with a blush that complements it perfectly. But if you can't be bothered with mixing and matching, just use that same lipstick on your cheeks!

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  7. If you don't want your eyes and lips to look super matchy, apply only a sheer layer of lipstick on your lids and go full coverage on your pout to give the illusion that you used different products.