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All The Fun Ways To Add ~*Peach*~ To Your Makeup Looks

These lewks are peachy keen!
PHOTO: (LefT) Instagram/antheabueno, (RIGHT) Instagram/jellyeugenio

Peach was definitely one of the biggest colors of 2019. It was EVERYWHERE—from interior design, clothing, and of course, makeup! If you haven't incorporated this light tangerine hue into your MOTD, we've rounded up the ~best~ ways to do so.

Keep scrolling for all the fun ways you can add this color to your makeup looks:

  1. Eyeshadow

    Popping on a peach eyeshadow on your lids is a surefire way to make you look stunning. You can try a soft wash of color for a subtle look or build up the pigment to make your MOTD stand out.

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  2. Eyeliner

    Peach blends in beautifully on Pinay skin tones. Use a shimmery eyeliner for a subtle, barely-there dash of shine.

  3. Blush

    Sweeping on blush on the apples of your cheeks is the fastest way to fake a healthy complexion. You can use a light hand if you want it to be subtle or layer a lot to get a drunk blush look.

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  4. Lipstick

    A peach-colored lipstick is the ~perfect~ way to cap off a bronzed MOTD. Slick on some gloss on top to make your puckers appear plump and juicy. 

  5. Monochromatic

    We're calling it—monochromatic MOTDs will *never* go out of style! Take notes from Georgina Wilson and use the same shade for your eyes, lips, and cheeks to score the ultimate cool-girl look of 2019. 

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