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All The Fun Ways To Add ~*Pink*~ To Your Makeup Looks

We're crazy about this color!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/antheabueno; (right) instagram/mikkamarcaida

A lot of colors fade in and out of the public's consciousness when it comes to makeup, but one hue that will *always* be a classic is pink. It is, after all, the symbol of femininity, among other things. Plus, its variations—from pastel pink to bright fuchsia—are guaranteed to amp up your look!

Below, we have listed down the ~fun~ ways to incorporate pink in your MOTD:

  1. Eyeshadow

    It's confirmed: Anyone, including you, can wear pink eyeshadow. You can go for a more subtle look like Anne Curtis, or really pack on the pigment for a bold MOTD.

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  2. Inner corners of the eyes

    Placing a cotton candy pink eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes will immediately open up your peepers.

  3. Eyeliner

    Give your usual black and brown eyeliners a break and bust out a fun colored one for the holidays! A glittery pink liner can immediately spruce up any neutral look.

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  4. Blush

    Using a pink blush can make you look fresh, glowing, and youthful! Sweep some on your nose for a drunk blush look.

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  5. Highlighter

    Champagne-colored highlighters are so 2018—we're all about ~*iridescent*~ ones now! Check out Rihanna's beautiful celestial glow.

  6. Lipstick

    If you want a foolproof, no-fail lipstick color, pink is always a good choice! 

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