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This Hack For Removing Matte Lipstick Involves A Slice Of Pizza

PHOTO: Christian Parente

So this is why our matte lipstick never stays put after scarfing down some greasy pizza! Seriously, that pepperoni slice almost always leaves us with just a ring of color on our lips.

Seventeen editor Kelsey Stiegman randomly discovered just how effective the oil from pizza is in removing seemingly budge-proof matte lipstick, the same way a lot of random discoveries come about—during an ordinary lunch break.

Kelsey was happily eating away, dark plum lipstick perfectly in place, when she came across the revelation:

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Tbh, we’re not at all surprised that things ended up this way. Oil, after all, is *really* great at dissolving oil-based products like makeup—it’s not the first item in your cleansing routine for nothing!

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