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The Best Post-Breakup Makeup Looks To Try, Based On Your ~Feelings~

Looking haggard is NOT an option.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/antheabueno, (RIGHT) Instagram/roxettearisa

Looking your best after a breakup will help you feel better about yourself even for a tiny bit! It's a quick fix you can try as you go through the stages of moving on. Also, always remember that minding your appearance isn't about reminding your ex what he lost (although fine, it could be a factor); you're doing it for yourself! 

See which look represents your ~feels~ the most!

1. Make it known to everyone that you have gone to the beach by wearing your golden glow loud and proud. 

Single life = more travel time!

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2. For when you want to look as sweet as candy

'Coz you're a ~good~ girl, and you got your shit together.

3. How about a winged liner that looks as sharp as your fuckboy radar?

Eyeliner application and detecting f-boys are life skills.

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4. Go for something sultry, like a smoky eye makeup look, when you're out with your girl friends! 

Thank God for BFFs who will always be there for you no matter what. (Not sure how to do a smoky eye? Check out this tutorial.)

5. Keep it light and fresh: curled lashes, cheek tint, and an MLBB

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This works like a charm when you bump into your ex from hell because he will be reminded of your good times. You'll give a polite smile and just walk away. #classy

6. Get instantly radiant by sweeping luminous blush on your cheeks and lip gloss on your pout.

Is it a morning-after glow? Maybe yes, maybe not!

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7. Finally, when you find your past heartbreak something to laugh about: A barely-there makeup look matched with a pretty smile!

We're never ever getting back together!

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