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All The Fun Ways To Add ~*Red*~ To Your Makeup Looks

We're in love with this crimson hue!
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When it comes to creating our makeup looks, we only use red for our lipstick and maaaybe as an eyeshadow (only when we're feeling extra ~adventurous~). It's a hue that we normally associate with being sultry or sexy, but what you must know is that it can also be used for ~fresh lang~ everyday MOTDs. Below, we have compiled the best ways to incorporate this color into your lewks:

  1. Eyeshadow

    Spice up a bronze MOTD by adding red eyeshadow. Take it even a step further by patting some glitter at the center of your lid—this will give it that trendy "wet" look.

  2. Eyeliner

    Black eyeliners are so last year—it's time to try a fire engine red hue! Extend your red eyeliner to your inner corners a la Sarah Lahbati and you've got yourself an instant cool-girl look.

  3. Blush

    Give your pink and peach blushes a break and try a ~red~ one. This cherry hue may look dark and intimidating on the pan, but it will actually give you a healthy flush of color once it's on your cheeks. (P.S. It's perf for morenas!)

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  4. Highlighter

    With darker complexions, highlighter options are limited, as the usual silver-toned ones can look a bit ashy. Thankfully, kween Rihanna blessed us with the Fenty Beauty Hibiscus and Cognac Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks. This duo can give morena complexions a blinding glow and pretty flush!

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  5. Lipstick

    Applying red lipstick is the ultimate power move. There's just no other shade that makes you feel in control. Go for a classic matte like Anne Curtis or top it off with a gloss for a modern take a la Janine Gutierrez.

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