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Red Velvet's Yeri's Blush Technique Will Make You Look Fresh And 'In Love'

Mukhang blooming!

Blush has a ~*magical*~ way of making you look extra cute! One swipe of rosy blush creates a romantic, ethereal effect. Peach and coral, on the other hand, produce a sun-kissed flush. Simply put, adding color to your cheeks is the easiest and fastest way to appearing effortlessly put-together.

When it comes to blush application, we were told that we should smile first to bring out the apples of the cheeks. But, Yeri of Red Velvet convinced us to try something ~differerent! We've noticed that she's fond of wearing the "ski bunny blush" look!

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The ski bunny blush technique calls for sweeping the color horizontally across the apples of the cheeks while your face is resting. This results in the blush being placed almost near the undereye area which then "lifts" the face.  ICYDK, when you smile prior to blush application, the apples of the cheeks are raised. They go down when your facial muscles relax and result in a saggy-looking face. Yeri's method instantly makes your face appear fresh and blooming—like you always ate fruits and veggies, never slept past 2 a.m., or maybe your love life is at a "kilig" stage.

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When you want to try this technique, it's highly recommended that you choose blushes in muted shades like peach and pink or neutral blushes to make the face appear doll-like. Alternatively, you can simply use the blushes you already own but apply them with a very light hand.

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