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How To: Selena Gomez's Smoky Pink Eye Makeup At The Met Gala

It's so easy and quick!

At this year's annual Met Gala, guests were invited to dress in avant-garde looks inspired by Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons. Naturally, your favorite celebs applied that dress code to their makeup. While there were a ton of beautiful looks to choose from, such as Cara Delevingne's metallic silver head and Rihanna's pink highlighted features, we couldn't stop admiring Selena Gomez's smoky pink eye—it was edgy, flattering, and chic, and surprisingly didn't make her look like she actually had pink eye.

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Love it, too? Here's how to recreate it at home:

1. Use white eyeshadow as a base

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When it comes to bold statement hues like that on Selena's, the colors have to really *pop* to make the end result look chic. So if you have a bit of discoloration on your eyelids, take white eyeshadow and dab it all over your lids. With this as your base, any bright color you use will look even and true to color. 

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Suesh Choose Your Own Palette Eyeshadow Pots: Smoky Eye Base In E205, P95, SM Megamall

2. Draw a wing with pink eyeliner

Next, use a creamy pencil eyeliner (in hot pink, OFC!) to draw a wing on your upper lashline. You don't have to be precise with this because once you're done, you're going to blend it anyway. If you find that you blended too much, just take your eyeliner, draw another wing, and blend it again!

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Sephora Collection 12Hr Contour Eye Pencil In Romantic Comedy, P436, 

3. Layer pink eyeshadow over the eyeliner

Now that you have the shape of your smoky eye, take a pink eyeshadow and layer it on the outer corners of your eyes, softly blending for a diffused finish. BTW, do not put the pink eyeshadow on your lower lashline, okay? This will transform the whole look from edgy and cool to sickly and weird.

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NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow In Wild Orchid, P300, SM Megamall

4. Apply a nude color on your lower waterline

Whenever you use pink or red eyeshadow, it's always important to ensure the whites of your eyes stand out so you won't look ill. Take a nude eyeliner and apply it on your lower waterlines to make your eyes even ~*brighter*~!

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Eye Of Horus Goddess Pencil In Sahara Nude, P990, Zalora 

5. Dab champagne eyeshadow on your browbones and the inner corners of your eyes 

To finish, dust champagne eyeshadow on your browbones and blend it into your smoky eye—this ensures that your look won't have any harsh lines and edges! Then, take the same champagne shade and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes to give your peepers that wide-awake look.

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