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Semi-Permanent BB Cream Exists

But we're not convinced.
PHOTO: Chris Coppola/Studio D

Makeup bases have come a long way since those super pasty looks from the ‘90s. These days, the effect we all want to achieve is natural and lit from within—like you’re actually just blessed with ~*amazing*~ skin that barely needs any coverage. Makeup brands have also been quick to accommodate our wishes, coming out with lightweight foundations and handy cushion compacts that result in a pretty glow.

Our latest discovery in our quest to achieve Korean-level complexions? Semi-permanent BB foundation, a service offered by local salon The Eyebrowdery that utilizes micro-needling. Micro-needling, in case you didn’t know, uses a tool covered with tiny needles to dispense liquid directly into the skin. According to Refinery29, this process “allows for better penetration of products, thanks to tiny pinpricks that work almost like canals, allowing your products to reach deeper into the skin.”


The Eyebrowdery uses an FDA-approved cream “that contains Stem Cell Culture ingredients extracted from Niacine Polymide and Arbutin.” According to owner Klarisse Yu Tabao, this procedure will result in smaller, tighter pores, and brighter, younger-looking skin. With proper maintenance, the effect can last for six months.

Of course, a procedure like this won’t come cheap. Unlike the usual base products that stray around the P2,000 mark, three sessions at The Eyebrowdery costs P31,996. They’re currently offering the service for 50 percent off (P15,998), which still doesn’t come off as affordable to us—especially when you can stretch one cushion compact plus refill for at least six months, and a bottle of liquid foundation for a year.

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Furthermore, as advocates of thorough face cleansing, we’re pretty skeptical about leaving anything resembling makeup deep inside our pores for longer than a day—breakout waiting to happen or what? So while this option does seem tempting, especially in a world of #WokeUpLikeThis selfies, we think we’d skip the convenience and settle for a proper skincare routine.

Interested? Visit The Eyebrowdery at Unit 201, Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan. You may also reach them at, 751-7236, or 0916-631-7433.

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