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All The Fun Ways To Add ~*Silver*~ To Your Makeup Looks

We're in love with this hue!
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It's already 2020, so why don't you welcome the New Year with a hue that you don't really reach for when creating makeup looks? Enter: Silver. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to wearing this color, with it being too cool-toned, "Space Age", editorial, or just being "too much" for your everyday lewks. The good thing about makeup, though, is that you're free to do quite literally whatever the heck you want! 

Ahead, we have rounded up all the fun ways to add this ash-toned color to your makeup looks:

  1. Eyeshadow

    Silver eyeshadow may seem intimidating to use because of how ~loud~ it looks, but you can definitely build up the pigment to your liking. You can start by tapping it on the middle of your lids to create a "wet" effect, and you can add on more color to make it more vibrant!

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  2. Inner corner

    Use a pencil brush or even your finger to apply a silver-colored eyeshadow to your inner corners to brighten up your entire look. Check out how it amped up Maris Racal's MOTD.

  3. Eyeliner

    2020 is the year of colored and glittery eyeliners! A shimmery silver hue will open up your peepers and immediately spruce up a simple makeup look.

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  4. Lower eyelid

    If you're trying to be more adventurous with your makeup looks, try applying a silver-hued gel liner on your lower eyelid for a party-ready lewk.

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  5. Highlighter

    Just the right amount of silver highlighter on the highest points of the face can create a glass skin-like effect that will never go out of style.

  6. Lipstick

    If you think that applying a silver lipstick can make you look washed-out, take some notes from Rihanna and swipe on a gunmetal gray hue—it looks badass!

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