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10 Summer 2020 Makeup Trends You'll Want To Copy Right Now

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TBH I'm not a huuuuge fan of summer. You can pretty much always find me sitting in a dark air-conditioned room. The only thing about the warm-weather season that gets me pumped? The summer makeup trends that start popping up all over my Instagram feed. 'Cause even if I'm just adding them to my inspo board or trying them out alone in my apartment (don't judge me), I'm of the belief that some of the prettiest, easy-to-copy makeup looks kick off in the summer (think: glossy skin and feathered brows). And because I wanna get a jumpstart on mastering the trends before they're everywhere, I already started rounding up the summer 2020 makeup trends everyone will be wearing, ahead.

  1. Hot Pink Lips for Summer

    Yup, it's officially time to kick aside your red lip—at least until the fall, k?—because summer 2020 is all about bright, watermelon-pink lipstick. BTW: Setting powder or spray is definitely a non-negotiable with this trend, and you'll get bonus points for throwing in subtle pink accents throughout your look (think: eyeshadow, cheekbones, the works).

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  2. Graphic Eyeliner for Summer

    I get it: Going full throttle with your makeup feels kinda dumb in the summer (especially if you sweat as much as me). That's why I'm especially obsessed with this simple and wearable trend for summer 2020. It's all about thin, graphic lines, and it pairs super well with a lightweight foundation and lip gloss.

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  3. Outer-Corner Eyeliner for Summer

    If graphic eyeliner is a little out of your comfort zone (no shade), you'll love how subtle this summer 2020 makeup trend is. All you'll need is a black pencil eyeliner (something thick and smudgy), which you'll draw along your outer corners for a cool and modern cat-eye.

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  4. Feathered Brows for Summer

    The best thing about this summer 2020 makeup trend is that it doesn't require any brow pencils or powders. Instead, brush up your brows with a tinted brow gel.

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  5. Pink Blush for Summer

    Good news for my fellow sweaters: Pink blush is a big one for summer 2020, so don't trip if your face is already naturally flushed. Throw a couple of swipes of powder blush on top of your foundation for a soft and pretty look that's super easy to build on.

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  6. White Eyeliner for Summer

    Leave it to Gigi Hadid to make a summer 2020 makeup trend look so damn effortless. Take the graphic eyeliner trend one step further and opt for a white pencil and draw super-straight lines to mimic her look.

  7. Dewy Skin for Summer

    Like, yes, dewy skin isn't exactly unique to summer 2020, but there's no better time than warm-weather season to try out makeup looks that work with your sweat, right? If your skin is on the oilier side, try a powder highlighter instead of liquid (it'll keep your dew from settling into your foundation).

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  8. Yellow Eyeshadow for Summer

    You know that untouched yellow eyeshadow in your favorite palette? Yeah, prepare to get a lot of use out of it for summer 2020. Yellow eyeshadow is a genius way to brighten up your eyes, and it looks great against a bare face or minimal makeup. 

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  9. Peachy Lids for Summer

    And if yellow isn't your thing, give peach eyeshadow a try instead. It's a bit lighter and more summery than your classic brown eyeshadow, and it's super fun to coordinate with your lip and highlight like so.

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  10. Holographic Smokey Eyes for Summer

    Soft, barely-there makeup definitely isn't your only option for summer 2020 makeup trends. For those nights when you wanna take things to the next level, smudge a holographic cream eyeshadow (a highlighter works, too) all over your lids for a cute smokey eye.


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