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Everyone's Wearing These Lipsticks, Should You Try Them Too?

Do these lippies deserve a space in your makeup bag?
PHOTO: Sunnies Face

The wait is over. Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lipsticks are finally here! On August 8, 2018, the team that created Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Specs, Sunnies Kids, and Sunnies Cafe released their own makeup line. Brand directors Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Martine Cajucom, Bea Soriano-Dee, and Eric Dee were so thrilled to launch their latest baby!  They said it took them two years and 22 formula samples to perfect the texture of Fluffmatte Lipsticks, their initial product line.

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Martine talked about how they worked hard to create the most universally-flattering lipstick shades. The Sunnies Face team had to choose among 350 hues to narrow it down to nine: Nudist (warm almond nude), Baked (terracotta peach), Vacay (peachy papaya), Milkshake (warm pink nude), Girl Crush (terracotta rose), 143 (berry rose), Mood (taupe mauve), Hot Sauce (tomato red), and Major (cool-toned red).

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So, the question is, DO FLUFFMATTES DESERVE A SPACE IN YOUR MAKEUP BAG? Read our ~honest AF~ reviews below.

Jacinda: I'm really simple when it comes to makeup. The fewer tools I use, the better. So when I heard that Sunnies Face lippies were actually multi-sticks, I was super stoked to use them. My first impression of seeing the product IRL was that it looked just like a regular lipstick and not a multi-use product, which kind of bummed me out. But the pay off when I applied them on my lips, cheeks, and eyes was totally worth it! I suuuuper love Vacay, 143, and Hot Sauce. They felt super light and were totally blendable.

I'm also the type who has to put on lip balm before applying any sort of product, but for Sunnies Face, I didn't—just to see how fast my lips would dry out. But they stayed super soft (and without any cracks) for around two hours!

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What surprised me the most, though, was the weight of the packaging = IT FELT EXPENSIVE. Can I just say again that I love them?!

Tisha: My favorite shades are Vacay and Milkshake. I don't normally wear a bold lip, which is why I like those two—on me, they appear as nude versions of a hot pink and bright orange! They also work beautifully as a blush and eyeshadow. Personally, I like that they're not long-wearing. When the pigment's completely disappeared, it leaves a nice ~*stain*~. Plus, look at that packaging! It's something I'd proudly pull out of my purse anywhere, any time.

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P.S. I really love the shade name Milkshake because it reminds me of the song. Every time I wear it I just want to sing, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!" LOL!

Ira: I personally love Baked, Vacay, and Nudist. I've always been a peachy coral type of girl, and these shades nailed my lip ~aesthetic~ (Is there even such a thing? LOL!). Don't expect these matte lippies to be long-wearing, though. They do get patchy after a few bites of a cupcake or a sip of coffee. What I can guarantee you though is that Fluffmattes are so comfortable on the lips! They have a mousse-like formula that grants a matte finish but hugs your pout with moisture. It's a good everyday lippie, but be prepared for touch-ups—especially if you want to have a painted pout all day. 

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TL:DR: Yes, Sunnies Face Fluffmatte lipsticks are worth trying out because of their well-thought-out shades, packaging, and formula. 

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