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How To Make Your Kilay Sweatproof And Waterproof

It just takes three steps!
PHOTO: Tarciso De Lima

Ask anyone what makeup product they can't live without and chances are, some sort of kilay product is part of that list. Browsthick, bushy browsare having a moment, and we couldn't be happier! They frame the face, after all. 

But when the temperatures rise and oil and sweat glands start going into overdrive, the last thing you want is your kilay disappearing from your face. Or worse, MELTING onto your face! So to make sure they're waterproof and sweatproof this summer, especially when you head to the beach, here are three easy steps for #kilayonfleek: 

 1. Use a tinted brow gel

When you're done with your base makeup, go in with a clean spoolie and brush through your brow hairs to remove any foundation or powder that may have stuck to it. Then, brush through them with a tinted brow gel. Doing this as a first step will not only save you time in completely filling in your kilay (because it already has a bit of color), but it will add a protective "layer" to prevent it from melting because it *sets* your brows. 

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2. Fill in the sparse areas

Now that your kilay is tinted, good news: You don't have to use as much of your brow pencil anymore! Gently fill in the sparse areas that the tinted brow gel wasn't able to cover and brush it after to make it look more natural. When it comes to making your kilay budge-proof, less is more. Because if you have more product on, you'll have bigger chances of unsightly streaks running down your face when you sweat or get wet. Srsly, ew.

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3. Set (again) with clear gel

Now that your brows are filled to ~*perfection*~, give it a little more texture by brushing through it with a clear (not tinted!) brow gel. This will make your brows extra fluffy and budge-proof without adding any extra color.

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