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The Best Concealer Type For Your Zit

Cream or liquid? It makes a diff when covering up.

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a pimple…except waking up to a pimple that takes forr-ehh-verrrr to go away.

Here’s how you can camouflage it perfectly no matter which stage your zit is in: “For pimples that are still fresh and raw, use a liquid concealer and set it with loose powder to prevent creasing,” suggests makeup artist Barbi Chan. “This is good because it prevents that cakey look and won’t draw more attention to the spot.” If your blemish just popped and is on the verge of healing, reach for a cream- or stick-type cover up instead. “This can help mattify the moist part of the popped pimple,” says Chan. “Finish by setting it with the powder from your compact to help dry it out even more.”

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Try: Nars Concealer, P1,550, and Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer, P1,250.

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