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The Celebrity Beauty Trick That Will Change Your Look In Seconds

You might want to give it a shot.

When Selena Gomez walked on the red carpet for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last month, people noticed that something was a little different with the pop star:

Not long after her her VS Fashion show gig, Selena made another appearance, this time at the 2015 American Music Awards. She looked smokin' hot, but people were still a little confused as to why she seemed to look different:

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Do you see it? Here’s a ~*regular*~ selfie of Selena for comparison:

Yup, Selena wore colored contacts to make her eyes brighter and pop even more for her red carpet events. Because Selena has naturally deep dark brown eyes, she put on light-colored lenses to really make her peepers show. For the VS fashion show, Selena wore blue-gray lenses, while she popped on hazel lenses for her AMAs appearance.

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Colored lenses have long been a celebrity beauty secret, especially in the Philippines, where most Pinays are blessed with beautiful dark brown eyes. However, as beautiful dark eyes may be, they don’t really pop by themselves. “Aside from using colored liners, putting on colored lenses is a great way to make your eyes standout,” says makeup artist Nicole Ceballos.

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We learned that because the biggest eye makeup trend now is browns and neutrals, putting on colored lenses is a great way to compliment this look without doing too much.

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“For a more natural pop of color, Pinays should go for hazel or light brown lenses,” adds Nicole. “But celebs usually use silver, hazel, and hazel greens for TV and photos. Blue has the tendency to look unnatural,” she adds.

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So if you’re looking to switch up your look occasionally, we recommend trying on colored contact lenses. (Try Pure Hazel by Air Optix Colors, which retails for P1,500 per box—it looks super natural on Pinays!)

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