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The Easiest Way To Take Your Makeup From Day To Night

No time? No problem!

Sooo, you have three Christmas parties today starting from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. and have absolutely ZERO time for a major makeup overhaul. We have a quick solution: Before leaving the house, make sure you pack a black kohl eye pencil inside your clutch. 

Your daytime makeup look should be very minimal. But once 6 p.m. rolls along, use your eyeliner to draw a really thick line on your lower lash line—and don't be conservative about it. You want thick, super-dramatic strokes.

Using that same eyeliner, outline your upper lids with dark strokesalmost filling in half of your eyelids. Lastly, use a flat brush to blend the pigment on your lids, creating a sexy, smoky eye.

And there you have it! Dramatic eyes in less than five minutes!

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