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The One Place You Should Never Store Your Makeup Brushes

Or makeup for that matter!

If you think that keeping your makeup essentials, particularly your makeup brushes, in the bathroom is convenient, you might want to re-evaluate your whole setup.

Dermatologist Dr. Kavita Mariwalla told PopSugar: “When you flush [the toilet], bacteria can get aerosolized.” This means that all the germs and bacteria from your toilet bowl can actually make their way to your brushes. Brushes that you dip in your makeup­; makeup that you use every day. 

Are you disgusted yet? 

So aside from regularly deep-cleaning your makeup brushes, save yourself from getting sick from your makeup tools by storing them in airtight containers that will prevent the formation of more bacteria. Another option you have is to purchase brush holders that have covers on them to keep dust from accumulating on the bristles.

As for your makeup, keeping them in the bathroom also isn’t the brightest idea. The ever-changing temperature—especially if you’re into long warm showers—can help breed bacteria and molds (GASP!) on your creams, liquids and powders. Can you imagine putting mold-infested foundation on your face? No, thank you!

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Instead, keep your makeup neatly stored in a room that has a steady temperature. Be sure to also keep them away from direct sunlight, as heat can also damage these products. 

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You’ve been warned, ladies!

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