The Scary Eyeliner Trick You Should Still Try

This may be intimidating at first, but the results are glorious.

Next time you wake up feeling like death, but you need to look awake, try this eyeliner hack!

Take your favorite black or brown kohl eyeliner pencil (just make sure it’s waterproof) and gently lift the outer corner of your eye. Then gently fill in the tiny gaps between your lashes, tracing back and forth. Keep doing so until you’ve filled everything in, but stop just before the inner corner of your eye. Finish off with curled lashes and one to two coats of mascara. Want a more dramatic look? Do the same for your bottom lash line.

The trick is called “tightlining” and it’s a technique most makeup artists and celebrities do to score the "invisible eyeliner" look. Always remember to do this gently and with clean hands. It sounds scary, but keep practicing!

Do you have any makeup hacks you want to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!

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