These Are Seriously The Chicest Makeup Brushes Ever


Last December, Real Techniques announced that they were releasing a new line of luxury brushes called “The Bold Metals” collection, and it got us beauty girls super excited!

The collection was finally made available in the Philippines (yesterday!), and the brushes are seriously the chicest things we've seen.

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The line features seven new brushes with unbelievably soft bristles and weighted handles, giving you more control. And in true Real Techniques fashion, the brushes are color-coded according to their purpose: gold for base, platinum for the eyes, and rose gold for finishing touches.

Base Brushes

Achieve a flawless base with the Arched Powder Brush and Triangle Foundation Brush.

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Arched Powder Brush, P1,680, Tapered Foundation Brush, P1,480.

Eye Brushes

Create beautiful eye looks with the Oval Shadow Brush, Pointed Crease Brush, and Angled Liner Brush.

Oval Shadow Brush P980, Pointed Crease Brush P980, and Angled Liner Brush, P980.

Finishing Brushes

Finally, finish off your look with the Tapered Blush Brush and the Flat Contour Brush. 

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Tapered Blush Brush P1, 480 and the Flat Contour Brush P1,680.

You can also purchase the entire collection for P9,000.

You can get your hands on these super fab makeup brushes by checking out Real Techniques Philippines or through the official Real Techniques distributor in the Philippines, Kalm Cosmetics


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