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These Ladies Take Makeup Transformations To A Whole New Level

These are intense get-ready-with-me vids!
PHOTO: Facebook/Es China

There's something about watching makeup transformations—the artists' secret tricks, the products they use, and of course, the result. But for today's obsession, the ladies you are about to see take the word "transformation" to a whole new level.

In a viral video, we were impressed with how these Chinese women have mastered the art of makeup and being ~*extra*~. No, it wasn't just playing with shadows via contouring. They used prosthetics and other nifty beauty tools!

To make their noses narrow and slim, they molded some wax and placed it on the bridge of the nose. For doll-like peepers, they did more than putting on falsies and using eyeshadow cut-crease application; the ladies wore circle lenses and eyelid tape. Watch the video below and be in awe!

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