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This Boy Band Wants To Tell You To Ditch Makeup, Sort Of

This video is hilarious and the song is pretty catchy, too.

Comedy Central just released a funny video on why girls should embrace their "inner natural glow"—well, sort of. At first, we thought the video was made to empower girls to wear less makeup through a ridiculously cheesy, '90s song with lyrics that go, "Magazines say that you're whack. Girl, don't believe them. Just leave that tabloid trash on the rack."

The video's golden moment, however, was in the 1:00 mark, when the lead girl suddenly takes off her makeup, and the boys go, "Hold up girl, we spoke too soon. You'll be the hottest girl in the nation with just a touch of foundation. Girl, I can't be seen with the ghost from The Ring."

Remember: You're beautiful with or without makeup, and don't let any guy (or girl) tell you otherwise. But tap into your sense of humor for a sec and just watch this video. It is TOO FUNNY!

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