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This Pinay Beauty Vlogger Used Fake Makeup To Do Her Whole Face

You have to see the eye-opening video.
PHOTO: Instagram/RealAsianBeauty

It’s no secret that fake cosmetics are readily available in the market, especially in the Philippines where tiangges and bazaars are popular. The awful thing is, there are sellers who actually trick customers into thinking that what they sell are authentic products, when in fact, these “branded” palettes, powders, foundations, and lipsticks were illegally manufactured in sketchy labs abroad.

Anyone who’s been to Divisoria knows that the place is filled with fake makeup—MAC lipsticks for P100, really?—that disturbingly look authentic. We came across this video of beauty blogger Kristine Roces (RealAsianBeauty), where she does her whole makeup using only counterfeit makeup. She even compared the fake ones with the authentic products that she owned! Watch her share her eye-opening experience below:

GIRL, YOU ARE SO BRAVE!!! (Also, LOL at the "MAC" foundation with a broken pump and the powder that turned dark after a few seconds!)

In her description box, Kristine makes it clear that she doesn’t encourage buying fake makeup. She wrote, “I am not, in any way, promoting, endorsing or encouraging my viewers to buy fake makeup. Using fake makeup could damage your skin and may cause health problems. I did the video for the sake of people that are curious about fake makeup.” 

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CGs, we just want to remind you that you’re better off buying inexpensive rather than fake makeup. Studies have found that counterfeit makeup contain dangerously high levels of lead, copper, mercury, cyanide—and here’s where it gets gross AF—RAT POOP. Can you imagine how disgusting that is?!

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