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Study Says Girls Who Wear Makeup Perform Better In School

Who knew?!
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Who knew that academic performance could ever be linked to cosmetics? Babe shared a study published in the Cogent Psychology journal that said putting on makeup can help one ace a test.

Researchers came to this conclusion by asking 186 undergraduates to take a simulated university examination. They split the students into three groups: The first one wore makeup, the second tuned in to upbeat tunes, and the last colored a picture of a face. Those who primped themselves were found to get better test results.

To back up the findings, the students were asked how they felt. The participants who wore makeup and listened to happy songs reported that they had a positive mood while taking the exam.

Although the first two groups had a chirpy disposition, the study aims to emphasize how cosmetics enhance one's self-confidence, therefore affecting mental performance. 

So yeah, if you're feeling blue or can't seem to absorb the stuff you're reviewing for class, raid your kikay kit and level up your face game!

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