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10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Lashes Permed

Take note!
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When we got our lashes permed, we didn't know what to expect. The treatment was fairly new, and we had only ever heard about it from our friends and favorite beauty vloggers and bloggers.

But now that we've gone through a whole cycle of lash perming, we're letting you in on a few *secrets* about the eye-opening "procedure." 


1. The process is similar to curling your hair.

The chemicals used to curl your lashes are made of the same compound used for your mane because it breaks down the bonds of the hair, allowing the rollers to mold it into a new, lifted shape. [Via Self]

2. The type of curl you get will depend on the formula of the perm.

We tried three formulas: Regular, Yumi Lashes, and Sugar Lash. Yumi Lashes, unlike a regular lash perm that acts like a lash curler, lengthens and thickens each strand. It also turns the eyelashes upwards. Sugar Lash, on the other hand, gives your fringe a natural lift that will make you look like you were ~born with it~.

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3. It comes in different price ranges.

If you're into premium stuff, be at peace with spending some cash: Browhaus' Lash Curl Up costs P2,200, while The Aesthetic Studio's costs P2,700. But if you're on a budget, Let's Face It offers lash perming services at P280.

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4. The whole procedure may bore you. 

Depending on how thick or thin your lashes are, you may have to lay on the bed for at least an hour to allow the follicles to absorb the formula. Also, while it sounds like a dream that you'll just be relaxing with your eyes closed, it can feel uncomfortable because there will be thin rods pulling your lashes upwards. 

5. You won't be able to rub or wet your eyes for three days.

After the procedure, you will be advised to not wet or rub your eyes for three to four days to allow the curl to properly set. If you want your new kulot lashes to last as long as three months, it's VERY important that you follow this!

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6. You may have to use a different type of mascara.

Stash your fave waterproof mascaras away because you won't be able to use them after getting your lashes permed. Their formulas would call for oil-based makeup removers, which may weaken the hold of the perm. The good news is you can still use non-waterproof mascaras, or you can just skip it!

7. You need to avoid oil-based makeup removers.

As mentioned earlier, using an oily makeup remover can "uncurl" your lashes. Stick to micellar waters instead and be extra gentle when removing your eye makeup.

8. Your lashes will look weird once they start to grow.

ICYDK, having both straight and curly lashes looks odd. It was even harder to wear mascara because the eyelashes were uneven or webbed.

9. Pieces of hair will fall into your eyes.

When your lashes start to grow,  a piece (or three) may fall off. The annoying part is that since it's curled, it will almost always land in your eyeball. When this happens, stay calm and try not to rub your eye; wash it out with water or take it out using clean fingers.

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10. One of your eye's lashes will grow faster than the other.

We didn't expect this to happen because we assumed that lashes on both eyes grew at the same time, but apparently, they did not!

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