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You Can Totally Use Your Panty Liners To Do Your Makeup

This is genius!

One of the most annoying things women have to deal with during makeup application is eye shadow fall out. Like, when you're doing a fantastic job blending in your shimmery shadow onto your lids, but specs of powder and glitter keep falling on your cheeks? Even more annoying: when you're using black eye shadow, and then you end up looking like a chimney cleaner. Not cool.

To answer fall out problems, Youtube beauty guru Chloe Morello shared her unconventional discovery: panty liners. (We’re serious!)

It’s simple logic, really: Cut the round ends of the panty liner and stick the two pieces under your eyes. The liners will catch all the shadow glitter from your makeup. Isn't that neat?

Still don’t believe us? Check out the video:

The concept isn’t at all new though, because Shadow Shields do exist. But hey, using panty liner is a way cheaper alternative.

What do you think CGs, would you try this unusual beauty hack?


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