OMG, Michelle Dy Is Releasing Her Own Brand *Soon*!

We're so excited!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/michelledyy; (right) instagram/michelledybasics

Joining other Youtubers who tried their hand at being entrepreneurs is Michelle Dy, who is ~finally~ releasing her own namesake brand, Michelle Dy BasicsICYDK, she rose to fame for her makeup tutorialsbudget finds, and hilarious vlogs and mukbangs.

On September 14, Michelle posted a glam photo of her which looked ~stunning~, but what picqued our attention was her caption. She announced that she has been working on something very dear to her heart for a long time now. It's also her way of thanking her Angels for all the love and support that they have shown her throughout her career. She then tagged her brand, so naturally, we had to do a lil' snooping.

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There were closeups of her wearing glitter eyeshadow, wavy hair, and pink glossy lips. WHAT COULD THESE MEAN? Perhaps an eyeshadow palette or a lip product? Makeup or hair tools? We're dying to know!

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On October 15, the brand posted a photo of the cutest pink and baby blue pouches! They have tassels on the zips and her name ~embossed~ in the corner. They look *pretty* big and spacious to us, so we're hoping it's crammed full of goodies!

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According to the post, the release date of the Michelle Dy Basics will be on the last week of October, so keep your eyes peeled! Michelle said that her brand will be available online and in top Watsons branches all over the country. 

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