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This Beauty Vlogger Put 100 Layers Of Bubble Mask And It's Kinda Scary

'This might be the most stupid idea I've ever had.'

It's been a year since YouTuber Jeely put 100 layers of foundation and 100 coats of mascara on her lashes. To ~*celebrate*~, she decided to pile on 100 layers of bubble masks on her face—and it's the scariest and messiest thing ever.

Bubble masks have the tendency to double in size when applied, so you can only imagine how big it will be when she has a hundred layers on! On the bright side though, her pores might be ~*squeaky clean*~ for like, forever. Watch what happens below:

Aside from looking like the Cookie Monster, Jeely also ended up eating a bit of the mask. (She said it didn't taste good for those of you who are wondering.) And from the looks of it, breathing was not an easy thing to do either. So if you're curious to try this for yourself, we suggest to really think about it first.

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