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4 Ways You're Actually Damaging Your Legs

If you still don't use shaving cream, now's the time.

You sit down too much.
It's hard to leave your desk when there’s so much to do. But sitting for a really, really long time can give you varicose veins and blood clots, since sitting down too much slows down your blood circulation. The solution? Stand up and walk. Take a quick stroll outside (run bank errands or something!), get your butt to the pantry to refill your water jug, or pass by the New Guy's cube and subtly check him out—do anything that will give you an excuse to stretch your legs.

You skip lotion.
Your legs need some loving, too, so remember to exfoliate and moisturize them regularly. Exfoliate your legs with a body scrub once a week, and apply lotion after leaving the shower.

You cross your legs. 
Crossing your legs doesn't exactly cause unsightly veins to form, but it does put pressure on the veins, which could potentially enlarge them.

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You don't shave properly.
If you’re still terrified of going to the waxing salon, that's cool. But make sure you use the right tools when you shave. Invest in a moisturizing shaving cream/gel and a quality razor. Ideally, you can use a disposable razor three times before tossing it out. But if it shows signs of rust, get rid of it, stat.

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