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7 Genius Ways To Use Your Body Lotion

Make the most out of your fave bottle!
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Besides hydrating scaly arms and legs, your favorite bottle of lotion can be a multitasking beauty product. See the other ways you can use it below:

An emergency makeup remover

Lotion can melt off makeup and moisturize the skin. Make sure to use a hypoallergenic baby lotion that's gentle enough to use on the face.

Shaving cream

Ran out of shaving cream? Apply lotion on your legs before using your razor for a smooth shave.

Leave-in conditioner

Tame stubborn strands and get rid of frizzy ends by massaging a tiny amount of lotion on them.

A budget body scrub

Remove dead skin with this two-ingredient body scrub: Mix ground coffee (or rice grains!) with lotion.

Cuticle softener

Combine lotion and olive oil and use this concoction to saturate dry cuticles—you won’t need to get a pedi anymore!

A sexy body balm

Score a sexy sheen on your arms and gams by mixing gold eyeshadow powder with body lotion.

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An instant foot mask

Slather lotion all over your feet and wear socks to lock in the moisture as you sleep. Wake up to soft tootsies the next day.

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