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7 Things That Make Your Pimples Worse

Get rid of the zits for good!

1. You don't put on sunscreen. 
Exposing acne-prone skin to the sun will inflame it and make the situation worse. Plus, it can trigger pigmentation, creating dark scars after the zit has healed. Put on a layer of oil-free face sunscreen to keep your face from turning into a big tomato.

2. Your hair products are too heavy. 
Some hair products that are great for reviving fried tresses may be too greasy for your skin. So if you see pimples popping on your hairline, wash your face after using shampoo and conditioner, and cleanse your hands from any hair product before doing your makeup.

3. You apply treatment only on present pimples. 
Spot medication is, indeed, made for slaying zits, but applying treatment on the T-zone (or the area where you're zit prone) will help prevent future red spots from forming.

4. You dry your face with a towel. 
Towels can be abrasive to problem skin, so using a clean, soft shirt to pat dry your face after washing will make your skin clear faster.

5. You use dirty makeup brushes and sponges. 
Can you imagine putting all the bacteria living in your tools on your face? It's gross, right? Make it a habit to wash your makeup brushes every week and toss old sponges to help your zits heal.

6. You suffocate your skin with makeup. 
While there is nothing wrong with concealing the nasties, layering on too much makeup may suffocate the pores. Use tinted moisturizer to hide your blemishes. You can also swap your current makeup for cosmetics infused with skincare ingredients like tea tree oil and other plant extracts.

7. You do not use beauty products in jars properly. 
Contamination happens when we use our bare hands to take out product from jars. Use a clean spatula or plastic spoon to avoid bacteria growth and spoilage.

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