9 Tamad Girl Ways To Fake A Shower

Fake it until you take it.

You're not alone if you sometimes skip showering—it's hard to wake up 20 minutes earlier on a Monday! That said, you don't have to leave the house looking like a greasy, smelly mess either. Here are nine ways to look—and feel!—fresh without actually getting in the shower.

1. If you need to wash your body, clean yourself with wipes. 

Zero time to shower? Give yourself a baby wipe bath. If it's your privates you need to focus on refreshing, Jennifer Ashton, ob-gyn and senior medical contributor for ABC News, says to use an unscented botanical wipette, making sure to wipe from front to back to avoid transferring bacteria. 

2. If you have raccoon eyes when you wake up, use an eye makeup remover. 

You might have washed your face and removed your makeup last night, but woke up with leftover liner below your eyes. Washing your face alone likely won't get rid of that lingering makeup. Use oil-based eye makeup remover wipes to erase any excess before you reapply fresh liner or mascara. 

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3. If your legs are hairy, dry-shave them. 

This sounds like it might hurt, but it won't if you're using the right shaving cream. EOS has a formula that doesn't require water and actually can be rubbed into your skin. It actually doubles as a lotion, which means you don't have to use water at all (other than what you might use to clean off your razor). You can also always use Kendall's method of shaving in a pinch, splashing bottled water on your legs and gently shaving them.

4. If your skin is scaly and flaky, use a dry brush to exfoliate. 

If you're planning on exposing your arms or legs with your #OOTD but don't have time to exfoliate away flaky skin, stand in your shower and dry brush away any dehydrated patches. Use light circular motions to successfully get rid of dead skin cells. 

5. If you feel dirty but don't even have time to give yourself a baby wipe bath, slather a citrusy body lotion over your skin. 

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To immediately smell so fresh and so clean, apply a citrus-scented cream. This will soothe dry skin and and smooth its scaly appearance, and also leave you smelling like you just stepped out of the shower. 

6. If you're in even more of a rush and don't time to wipe yourself down or apply a citrus-scented lotion, spritz yourself with a good-smelling scent. 

Choose any fragrance of your choice, but know that one with citrusy notes will instantly leave you feeling—and smellinga little cleaner. 

7. If you can't wash your hair and it's super oily, use dry shampoo. 

This isn't anything newin fact, it's the oldest trick in the book at this pointbut it still works like a charm. 

 Here's how you apply it: Aim the nozzle toward your roots, spray the dry shampoo, wait for it to work it's magic, and then brush. Boom: Hair that looks like it came straight from a shampoo commercial.

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8. If your hair isn't oily yet but kind of smells like a vintage store, make it smell *~prettier~* with hair perfume. 

9. If your hair is too oily to be remedied with dry shampoo or a hair perfume, lean your head over the tub and shampoo it quickly under the faucet. 

If you have bangs and they need a refresher that's beyond the help of dry shampoo, you can also just shampoo your bangs, blow them dry, and get on with your day.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. 

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