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This Girl Used Only Natural Products To Clear Her Acne

PHOTO: twitter/theskinshot

Dealing with adult acne usually calls for derma procedures and topical + oral medication, especially in severe cases. But Denise Larsson, a certified micro-nutrient specialist, took a different route: She relied on natural products to clear her skin. Curious to know what she tried? Here's her routine:

  1. She soaks a cotton pad with a DIY bi-phase toner composed of water and jojoba oil. Jojoba's texture is similar to our own sebum, which makes it effective in lifting oil build-up.

    Wild Products Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, P1,273,

  2. She then spreads a pure manuka honey mask on her face to lighten her scars. It has natural anti-bacterial properties, which reduces the possibility of pimples getting infected. 

    MGO 100+ Manuka Honey, P1,500/250g,

  3. After cleansing her face, Denise dabs a fresh, clean towel to dry excess moisture—this step, my friends, is something that we may forget. Using a separate bimpo is more advisable because who knows where our bath towel has gone (hint: butt area).
  4. For her final step, she applies tea tree oil on the inflamed spots to soothe and heal them.

    Human Nature Tea Tree Oil, P295, Landmark

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What do you think, CGs? Are you willing to rely on all-natural skincare to take care of your complexion?

Here's her full post:

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