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Angel Dei Shares Her Secrets To Brighter Kilikili And Inner Thighs

Friction is the enemy.
PHOTO: Instagram: _angeldei

We're always curious about how celebrities keep their underarm and singit bright and smooth. We love it, even more, when their beauty secrets are super easy to follow. For today's kililkili lesson, we interviewed Pinay YouTuber Angel Dei. Her tips are simple and definitely doable.

We spent three days at the beach with her during the Herbal Essences launch in El Nido, Palawan. We couldn't help but ask how she keeps her underarms, inner thigh area, and butt smooth and bright. We're nosy like that! ;) Check out her secrets below!

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  1. She is always conscious of friction.

    Angel is hyper-aware of anything that rubs against her skin. "For me kasi, I don't use underwear at night—if I do wear underwear, it's seamless. Also, I make sure na hindi tumatama sa skin yung napkins or panty liners. Dapat soft yung material. The friction can cause darkening.

    "With tops, hindi ako mahilig sa fitted na nakadikit sa kilikili. I don't wear shirts that cut near the underarms, because, again, friction. I use tawas or deodorants like Dove—in fairness, hindi siya nakakaitimYung nanay ko, when I was growing up, would advise me to only apply tawas or Milcu," she divulged.

  2. She got laser hair removal.

    Angel got her underarm hair removed via laser treatments at Skin Station. Their rates are affordable, and they have packages that help you save more money. "Before, I did waxing. Never ako nag-shave. It damages the skin kasi. Now, I do laser hair removal treatment. Although there is a razor involved during the process, hindi siya nakakaitim," Angel raved.

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  3. She exfoliates only when needed.

    Angel revealed that she gently massages dark areas with A Bonne Salt Body Scrub. "I rarely use a body scrub on my underarms, bikini area, and booty—only when kapag na-fee-feel ko na umiitim sila. But minsan lang talaga, kasi friction pa rin. Now, I don't anymore, because I got my kilikili lasered," she explained.

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