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This Fashion Brand Is Now Embracing Its Models' Stretch Marks

And we couldn't be more proud of them!
PHOTO: Courtesy of ASOS

Got stretch marks on your thighs? Don't worry, you're not alone; we have them and even models have them. Don't be fooled by all those flawless bikini bods from ads—they've all been digitally tweaked...A LOT. 

But ASOS has stopped airbrushing its models, and while there's still a long way to go in the fight for brands to embrace all body types and ethnicities, this is great progress.

Obviously, the internet had no chill, and people freaked out in a good way! 

BRB, we're putting this white bikini on our wish list.

ASOS is great at getting a variety of real women to model their clothes too!


Love yourself for who you are, birth marks and all.

Great job, ASOS! 

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