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Becoming Fun, Fearless, And Fair

Manila's top fashion and beauty bloggers were brought together for three reasons: they are all fun, fearless, and fair! They shared what makes them confident in NIVEA's newest Facebook app! Check it out!

NIVEA recently launched its new app on Facebook to share these top fashion and beauty bloggers' secret to confidence and aptly named it "Fun, Fearless, and Fair." To begin sharing, NIVEA gathered bloggers Vern Encisco of A Shoe Tale, Shen Gee of Shen's Addiction, Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkee, Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer, Jackie Go of Go! Jackie Go, and Alyssa Lapid of My Beautiful World to share their own fun, fearless, and fair moments through a video. got one of the bloggers, Shen, to share her insights from the shoot. Read her account below!

The day of the video shoot started out pretty early. The sun was high and strong, but we didn't really mind it--we just kept going! "Despite the sun shining all day, I wasn't worried that my skin would be damaged. I slathered on NIVEA Whitening Lotion!" shares Jackie.

I have to admit I was a bundle of nerves, but for an entirely different reason, and not because I was worried about the sun damaging my skin: I thought I would faint when the camera started rolling. But when I began talking about my blog and how passionate I am about it, I realized that it was going smoothly. Whew!

When all of us loosened up and had our game faces on, even the bustling Makati crowd didn't stop us from striking a pose, even when we're being shooed by guards at the Ayala Triangle Gardens or waiting for vehicles to stop before we strutted our stuff!

Martha was a dream to interview, not just because she was so bubbly, but because her skin looked so flawless and her golden tan is just amazing. Meanwhile, Lissa and Vern looked every bit what true fashion bloggers are supposed to look. They were confident and statuesque. The camera loved them, and they didn't have any trouble expressing themselves in front of it. Since I never really thought of myself as a fashionista, it was the perfect opportunity for me to actually learn a few tricks from them.

Jackie, mom extraordinaire, looked splendid in her white embellished top and royal blue skirt. Who would have thought she spends her time homemaking and running after her active little girl of less than two years? Just looking at her, you'll realize that you don't have to stop caring for yourself when you already have a child; rather, you should start loving yourself more, now that someone is looking up to you.

Our blogs were all so different from one another, and yet it was fun to compare niches. The jokes we shared lightened up not just our breaks, but also the shoot itself with our laughter. But, it was during the shoot and in our discussions about our blogs, our audience, and our passions that we discovered something about ourselves that we never really thought we had before--and yet it shined through. This shoot showed a raw side of us, and we hope to inspire everyone who watches it.

"The shoot showed a different side of me that my readers don't often see," Vern said. Alyssa shared that she never thought the shoot would be that much fun. "I kept dancing and making faces in between takes! It was funny that they included it in the video." So, if you've never really allowed yourself to let loose, just have fun, and be candid, we're telling you now: just do it. It will turn out fine--great, even. The video is proof of that.

Everybody enjoyed themselves, and the shoot didn't really feel like a shoot at all; it was only as if we were just bonding with each other and talking about what makes us confident and how great it is to be fun, fearless, and fair—like our readers and you, readers.

So now, it all comes down to this: Why are we all fun, fearless, and fair? It's actually pretty simple: We all use body lotion to keep our skin soft and protected from the harsh sun (yes, that's why we were all unafraid to shoot under the bright sunlight at Ayala Triangle Gardens that day).

We even have our own little rituals for when we apply body lotion. Vern enjoys her body lotion ritual after every shower. Jackie waxes regularly to keep her skin smooth, and applies moisturizing lotion daily to maintain that smoothness. I personally can't live without body scrubs to keep my skin healthy and free from dead skin cells; I always follow scrubs with lotion to keep my skin soft and supple after the rough exfoliation.

It's hard not to feel confident during this shoot when we're surrounded by people who believe in what we do and who also share our passion for our blogs. So, to stay fun, fearless, and fair like us, make sure you are always surrounded by positive influences, and make sure you're always protected by a product that allows you to have fun in the sun!

Check out the videos we're talking about on NIVEA's funfearlessfair Facebook app! Tell us what you think!

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