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Bianca Gonzalez Believes That We Should 'Normalize Acne' And We're Here For It

'It really does happen to many of us.'
Bianca Gonzalez on Acne
PHOTO: Instagram/iamsuperbianca

In a world where perfection seems to be the norm, Bianca Gonzalez chooses the opposite route. She posted a no-makeup selfie showing the real texture of her skin, including breakouts. It's refreshing to see amidst all the other posts that may set unrealistic expectations for women. She reminds us that we shouldn't be pressured to have "perfect skin." 

Bianca wrote in the caption: "It really is difficult to feel confident when you get breakouts, but it really does happen to many of us. You are not alone. #normalizeacne

We totally agree with Bianca. Breakouts can make you feel unconfident about yourself, but we're here to remind you that these do not make you less beautiful. Acne, skin texture, and pores are normal. It happens to everyone, even celebs and models. 


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