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Here's How To Cover Up A Hickey

Because you are a grown-up and you do grown-up things.

Hickeys happen. If one day you wake up and see them on your neck before leaving for work, do not panic and look for that high-neck top you bought for that trip abroad many years ago. Remember, you are a grown-up and you do grown-up things. 

There are tricks to hide proof of last night’s ~*fun time*~ with your man without having to look like an idiot wearing a scarf in this country.

1. Ice it.

A hickey happens when blood vessels under the skin burst because of sucking and biting. Just like any other bruise that you get on your body, use a cold compress to break up blood clots on the area first. You can also use a cold spoon and press it against the affected area. 

2. Conceal

Start with a primer for your makeup to stay in place. After letting the primer set a little, take a yellow-based primer to cancel out the blue and purple hue in your bruise. Blend it in until you can’t see anything anymore.

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3. Cover up some more.

Take your regular foundation—because it should match the color of your neck anyway—and blend it in. Now your hickey should be gone.

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4. Seal it in.

Take a loose powder to seal everything in. Now no one has to know you got some action last night.

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