Here's How To Cover Up A Hickey

Because you are a grown-up and you do grown-up things.

Hickeys happen. If one day you wake up and see them on your neck before leaving for work, do not panic and look for that high-neck top you bought for that trip abroad many years ago. Remember, you are a grown-up and you do grown-up things. 

There are tricks to hide proof of last night’s ~*fun time*~ with your man without having to look like an idiot wearing a scarf in this country.

1. Ice it.

A hickey happens when blood vessels under the skin burst because of sucking and biting. Just like any other bruise that you get on your body, use a cold compress to break up blood clots on the area first. You can also use a cold spoon and press it against the affected area. 

2. Conceal

Start with a primer for your makeup to stay in place. After letting the primer set a little, take a yellow-based primer to cancel out the blue and purple hue in your bruise. Blend it in until you can’t see anything anymore.

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3. Cover up some more.

Take your regular foundation—because it should match the color of your neck anyway—and blend it in. Now your hickey should be gone.

4. Seal it in.

Take a loose powder to seal everything in. Now no one has to know you got some action last night.

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