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6 Skincare Mistakes You Don't Want To Make During The Holidays

And the best solutions to every beauty offense, too!
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With all the holiday parties you'll be attending this month, you're bound to go home late (Or probably by dawn?) a few times. And we get it, at that hour, all you'll want to do is go to bed. So unless you want to wake up with dull and dry skin, take note of these skincare mistakes you might commit!

Mistake #1: Forgetting to remove your makeup.

The most common skincare no-no. Before you go to sleep with your makeup on, ask yourself if it's better to spend two to three minutes cleansing your face, or to wake up with a giant new zit.

Solution: Keep face wipes beside your bed.

Even if you don't do your complete nighttime routine, as long as your face is clean, everything will be okay. The important thing is that your pores can breathe while you're getting your Zzzzs.

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Mistake #2: Not properly hydrating your skin.

Attending parties usually means you'll be drinking alcohol, which can dehydrate your complexion.

Solution: Use a sleeping mask.

With a thoroughly cleansed face, apply a layer of your favorite overnight mask. This way, it'll help repair your skin cells so you'll wake up looking ~*refreshed and radiant*~!

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Mistake #3: Skipping the SPF.

Don't let the cold weather and gloomy skies fool you. The sun's harmful rays can still do serious damage to your skin.

Solution: Keep a spray-on sunblock in your bag.

With a spray-on sunscreen, you can just spritz and go!

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Mistake #4: Over-exfoliating your face.

If you'll be wearing a lot of makeup this season, avoid using gritty face scrubs to clean out your pores. Also, if you think putting a clay mask more than two times a week can give you a squeaky clean face, you're just doing more harm than good to your skin. 

Solution: Switch to chemical exfoliants.

For a gentler, but effective, approach, use an acid. It can sink deep into your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil, and other pimple-causing germs, without creating small tears on the surface of your skin.

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Mistake #5: Ignoring your eye area.

If you're always putting concealer and powder on your dark circles, you shouldn't forget to pamper the most delicate area of your face once in a while.

Solution: Eye masks.

If a sheet mask is a treat for your face, eye masks, or patches, will do the same for your under-eyes. ;)


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Mistake #6: Not letting your skin breathe.

The holidays are a great time to wear bold and glam makeup looks. However, wearing heavy products all the time can clog your pores.

Solution: Wear a lightweight base.

If you're just hanging out with your family for the day or having a small get-together with your besties, ditch the full coverage foundation and opt for something more breathable.

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