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Is Animal Poop The Secret To Perfect Skin?

Here are the dirty deets!

Hollywood’s most bizarre beauty treatments include caviar facials and leech therapy, but some are going the extra mile with animal poop. Yes, your favorite celebrities are actually paying big bucks to have excretions smeared on their faces.

1. Snail facial

While the French enjoy their escargot buttered and seasoned on a plate, Japanese aestheticians started placing live snails (a.k.a. kuhol) on people’s faces to help smoothen out wrinkles. This Asian craze caught on as Korean beauty brands started incorporating snail slime in their skin care lines years ago. Snail facials finally slithered its way to Hollywood and the rest of the world two years ago, and now you can easily purchase snail skin care products from beauty brands like Tony Moly and Etude House.

2. Bird poop facial

A-List salons in New York and London have started offering facials with an unusual secret ingredient—nightingale poop. 1,000 years ago, Koreans discovered that the droppings of the Japanese bush warbler (a type of nightingale) have restorative skincare properties. Bird poop facials became popular for Geishas and Kabuki dancers who wanted an even and smoother skin tone. The nightingale poop is extracted into a white, pungent powder and mixed with rosewater and other natural ingredients to form a creamy paste before applying on the face. Fans of this facial include Victoria Beckham and Harry Styles.

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Our bigger question is: How did the discovery process happen? Did bird droppings land on someone’s face and even out his/her wrinkles? WE WANT ANSWERS.

3. Earthworm poop wrinkle butter

Also known as worm castings or vermicast, earthworm poop is considered by some as the Holy Grail of whole body skin care. They contain plant-regulating ingredients, including anti-aging compounds that slow down the decay of plants. When mixed with other ingredients such as green tea extracts, shea butter, and cocoa butter, earthworm poop can help relieve dry skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Fresh Beauty Market’s Earthworm Wrinkle Butter has been featured on The Doctors and costs $29.95 (about P1,400) a container.