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Jennica Garcia Bares Past Body Insecurity That She Had To Cover With Make-up

'Para akong kuko nila sa paa'
PHOTO: Photos from Jennica Garcia Instagram account

Jennica Garcia is an actress we love. She's beautiful, talented, and witty. But little did the public know that she had her own share of body insecurities. 

In a recent vlog with Ynna Asistio-Carbonell, Jennica recalled the moments she had to *secretly* apply make-up to her arms to achieve an even skin tone during a taping.

She candidly shared that in order to provide for her two kids following her separation from Alwyn Uytingco, she had to sell plants and other stuff in Divisoria. Most of the time, she would wear baggy shirts with sleeves reaching the middle of her arms. According to Jennica, this kind of wardrobe plus the frequent trips outside to sell stuff caused her uneven skin complexion. 

"So pagdating ko sa Las Hermanas (taping), ang brown dito (lower part of her arm) tapos ang puti dito (upper part of her arm)... Ime-make sure ko na 30 minutes ako before call time ko para pag tinayo 'yung tent, papasok ako agad kasi mine-make up-an ko secretly 'yung arms ko para pumantay 'yung color," Jennica narrated.


"Ito yung kakabalik ko lang nung nahiwalay na ako sa asawa ko... Sa buong buhay ko 'dun ko lang talaga naintindihan 'yung feeling ng insecurity, 'nung nahiwalay ako sa asawa ko," Jennica stated. 

She said it was something she had to fix herself. Referring to her co-stars Faith Da Silva and Yasmien Kurdi, Jennica admitted, "Parang pag tinitignan ko sila 'dun ako naka-experience ng starstruck... Ang ganda nila, para akong kuko nila sa paa."

"Kahit dati naman pwede akong itabi kay Heart (Evangelista) kay Ate 'Yan (Marian Rivera), hindi ako nakakaramdam na hindi ako maganda or hindi ako bagay 'dito... Pero kasi nung nahiwalay ako sa asawa ko, sobrang dami kong nakikitang mali," she lamented.

She even recalled how she would often buy body scrubs to even out her skin tone. Jennica worked hard for it and now she has regained her confidence and her feisty outlook in life.

"Palaban na ako ngayon, palaban na ako talaga. Hindi na ako tulad ng dati na tatakbo sa audition para hindi makapag-audition. Ngayon naghahanap na ako ng audition," the actress declared.

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Jennica, who is a certified gamer, also shared one of her biggest heartbreak back when she was financially struggling to raise two kids on her own. She had to sell her Nintendo Switch to her friend, Ynna, just to provide a salary to her helper, Ate Cecille.

"'Yun 'yung pinaka-last (kong ni-let go)... Ngayon nakabili na ako ulit, dalawa pa!"

Jennica is one of the actresses who had her major breakthrough this year for her role in the hit mystery-thriller drama Dirty Linen. 

We're so happy for your current success, Jennica!

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