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Justin Bieber Got A Full-Torso Tattoo And People Are Confused

To be fair, it is pretty…wow.
PHOTO: Instagram/bangbangnyc

Never one for subtlety, Justin Bieber has revealed his latest tattooand it is massive. Like, really massive. As in, covers-a-whole-third-of-his-body massive.

Justin took to Instagram on Saturday to show off his new full-torso tat, which was inked by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy in the space of 26 hours. NBD. Bang Bang documented the process on his own Insta, with one shot showing him mid-process, in what appears to be Justin's unbelievable back garden.

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Meanwhile, a close-up video—which ends in an inexplicable shot of a pool—sees skeletons, birds, a large bear, lion heads, Byzantine arches, clouds, and feathers take over much of Justin’s upper body.

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Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about Justin's new ink, with reactions ranging from shocked, to supportive, to downright devastated. Take a look…

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Looks like even the Beliebers are struggling to get their heads around this one… 


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