The Kardashian Sisters' New Fragrance Collection Will Make You Feel Extra ~*Fancy*~

It's inspired by diamonds.

It seems like there's not a day that goes by where we don't have Kardashian-related news. To have some ~variety~, here's a good announcement for all you beauty junkies out there! Kim Kardashian's perfume brand, KKW Fragrance, will be launching a Diamonds collection in collaboration with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé.

The trio looked super stunning in the promotional photos, dressed up in white bodysuits with their hair curled and teased for the gods!

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Let's talk about the packaging first. In true Kardashian fashion, the three fragrances are housed in emerald-cut diamonds that are super ~luxe~. They also come in colors that we personally think to represent each sister! 

A minimalist white diamond for Kim.

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A blush pink color for Khloé.

And a light topaz yellow for Kourtney.

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Now, let's talk about their scents!

Kim's fragrance, Pure Diamond, is a floral dream! It has notes of wild armoise and sugar-coated ginger, with an abundance of ylang-ylang and sampaguita.

The primary notes of Khloé's Pink Diamond fragrance include sweet jasmine, Italian bergamot, and sweet lilac blossoms. It's the perfect sweet-yet-seductive scent for dates with your man! ;)

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If you're into ~sweet~ scents, you'll love Kourtney's Yellow Diamond fragrance! Its top note is golden currant berries, paired with white patchouli and whipped vanilla.

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The KKW Fragrance Diamonds Collection will be available on November 8, 12 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time, which is 15 hours behind Manila time) at We're so ready!

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