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How To Show Off Your Underarms On Instagram Like Marian Rivera

Master her favorite poses with these simple lessons.
PHOTO: Instagram/marianrivera

Anyone who follows Marian Rivera on Instagram would notice how much she loves to flaunt her flawless underams—it's basically become her signature pose! That said, it sure doesn't hurt that the actress knows how to switch things up, too, giving us enough options for when we're running low on ideas on how to pose for the 'gram. Keep scrolling for six breezy IG stances to cop from her feed!

  1. A two-arm stretch will naturally elongate your torso and make you look twice as good in your one-piece swimsuit!

  2. Show off your abs under the blazing sun. Work those muscles like Marian and don't forget to arch that back as your arms caress your head!

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  3. Something a little more subtle, you ask? Fix the side of your hair and get that candid moment shot!

  4. A classic against-the-wall pose is another lowkey option, but this one requires you to lean with your arm instead of your back. While you're at it, stretch out your torso to make your body seem longer.

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  5. Give your statement accessories a bit of arm support to let those pits shine. You can opt for a huge straw hat like Marian's or a pair of flashy sunnies if you're at the beach.

  6. Roadtripping on a sunny day is bound to give you some good lighting! Take advantage of this IG-worthy moment with a Marian-approved pose—pretend that you're starring in a deodorant commercial and you're good to go!

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