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We're Too Scared To Try Peel-Off Masks After Seeing This

PHOTO: Twitter/Cachet

It’s no secret that we are obsessed with masks—and that we’ll try anything at least once. But after watching the video below, we might just avoid peel-off masks altogether.

According to Refinery29, Cachet Raynor used Pil’Aten’s Suction Black Mask. While its deep cleansing and blackhead-removing properties entice us, any product labeled “suction” doesn’t sound like something we’d want anywhere near our faces. Surprise, surprise, Cachet just confirmed our fears.

Her attempt to peel off the mask inch by inch literally makes us cringe with discomfort, although halfway through, she admitted her skin felt soft. In the end, she managed to remove the mask, but not without tons of expletives and tears in the mix.

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We’ll stick to standard wash-off and sheet masks, thanks.

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