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This Bath Bomb Will Sort You Into Your Hogwarts House

Pretty cool!
PHOTO: Instagram/createdbyrebeccalynn

One of the first rules of being a Harry Potter fan is choosing a Hogwarts House to identify with. Maybe you took the quiz during Pottermore’s heyday; maybe you actually joined a Sorting ceremony at one of the Wizarding World theme parks. Or maybe, like most of us, you came into a conclusion after reading all the books and getting swept into the fandom and declaring your allegiance to one of the four Houses.

Either way, you need to see this ~*magical*~ beauty product! It’s the Sorting Hat bath bomb from Created by Rebecca Lynn—and it will legit make any Potterhead geek out.

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See, it actually turns the color of the water into just one particular shade, which corresponds to a particular house. In case you need a refresher, that’s red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, yellow for Hufflepuff, and green for Slytherin.

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Prepare to have your dreams fulfilled—or shattered, LOL!

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