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Sure, DIY Botox Is Cheap But It's Never A Good Idea

Leave it to the pros.

So you've heard of Botox horror stories from your friends, huh? Or you've probably read about those online or on TV. You probably have that one friend who tried to get injected with the formula, and well, she didn't end up looking too good after.

These horror stories typically happen at Botox parties, where a group of people come together in a non-licensed, non-professional setting and get treated. Truth is, unlicensed individuals cannot have access to the real treatment, and they don't have the proper training to administer it, either.

Botox parties themselves are not exactly bad (these are more common in the United States where there is such a thing as Botox Bridal Showers), but only if you get a licensed doctor to do it.

So how can you spot fake Botox?
Real Botox is transported in ice 
and should be kept at a regulated temperature inside the refrigerator to avoid it from expiring or deactivating. Real Botox should have an FDA-approved seal in their boxes, as well as a readable and clear indication of the expiry date.


Should you buy online?
Never. EVER. Instead, go to a professional physician or nurse who has gone through proper training and experience. Remember that not all dermatologists and plastic surgeons are trained to do a Botox procedure, so always do a background check on them first. Oh, and c
heck the expiry date and look for the FDA-approved seal. Lastly, ask for a second opinion from another doctor if you really need to get this treatment done before you do anything drastic.


Botox For Your Feet, Anyone?

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