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Why Getting A Tan Is Never A Good Thing

Yikes! Who knew?
PHOTO: Nick Onken

We all know that we're prone to sun damage when we're walking, commuting, and when we don't apply sunscreen. But other than that, you would *think* that as long as you're inside your office or house, you're protected, right? So, so wrong. With the summer season coming along, we decided to list down three surprising ways the sun is damaging your skin—no more excuses for skipping sunscreen, CGs

1. Technology

Probably the scariest of the bunch because we're surrounded by our computers and cellphones. But yes, the truth is that these devices emit the same harmful UV rays that the sun does. So even when you're inside, you have to amp up the SPF protection, ESPECIALLY on your face.

2. A tan

Whenever you come back from the beach and you find that you've gotten a little tan, you shouldn't exactly be jumping for joy. Having any change in skin color, whether you got a tan or are sunburned, is a sign of skin damagemeaning, the sun's UV rays were able to damage your skin enough to result in pigment production going into overdrive in order to protect you.

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3. Glass

Glass only blocks out UVB rays. Which means that UVA rays, the kind that deeply penetrates into the skin and causes it to age, are still coming in. Our tip: Tint your glass windows! That way, it will keep out most of itthough that doesn't mean you should stop slathering on the SPF altogether.

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